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ICFTB: Scavenging Azeroth!


This week's adventures with <It came from the Blog> took our adventurers to the four corners of Azeroth -- something I think that surprised some of them! But never let it be said that our folks shrink from a true challenge that tests their mettle! This week's game was a Scavenger Hunt involving 25 occasionally bizarre items that they were required to screen shot and send in. Depending on how creative you were, and how familiar you were with Horde territory, this could have been easy, or involve a lot of travel all over heck and back.

For those of you curious for news of the happenings, and just how our adventurers fared against the fairly strange list I thought up, check out the details of this week's <It came from the Blog> shenanigans after the jump!

Now I have to admit, I didn't make it a point of thinking up things that I knew they'd get killed a lot to have to get -- not that sending them to say 'Hi" to Emberstrife didn't cross my mind... But I did want to figure out some things that would take at least some vaguely creative thinking -- or in some cases, attention to detail. That said, here was the list that was ultimately cooked up for our challengers to hunt down:

1. Parrot
2. Wanted Poster
3. Ogre
4. Yeti
5. Well (water-type)
6. Waterfall
7. Kodo
8. Chemistry set
9. Lava
10. Dragonkin
11. Outhouse
12. Armor stand
13. Tapestry
14. Tiki mask
15. A zombie
16. Boat
17. A gate
18. Hanging boxes
19. Coffin
20. A fountain
21. A siege engine
22. Intestines
23. Dead tree
24. A crashed flying machine
25. The rez angel
Unlike previous competitions, this one we actually had a tie for first place on! - Both Zungaba and Phyace placed first with a whopping 24 items found each before we called time. Argento was "third" (technically second, really) with 22 items. Due to Zungaba and Phyace both taking first, I had to pull them both into a group and let them roll off for first pick of the prizes. Each first place winner got a 14 slot Runecloth bag (laugh all you want, but we're almost all low-level, broke, and those are the gold standard for awesomesauce right now) and a truly cool Dragonhawk non-combat pet of their very own. Our "third" place winner also got a non-combat pet and a [Lucky Rock], which is almost but not quite entirely unlike a 14-slot Runecloth bag. Perhaps if Argento nurtures the Lucky Rock long enough a 14 slot bag will drop for him -- or a Blue BOE that will pay for a bevy of Runecloth Bags! (You never know, it could happen...)

Sadly, we did have a couple of people who were unable to participate due to machine problems -- or more properly, screen shots not working. So for anyone considering running one of these types of contests in their own guild, I'd strongly advise you to let people know in advance. Suggest that they check their settings and be certain they can take screen shots so there are no last minute surprises in your scavenger hunts!

For now, you can check out some of the various screen shots we got from the winners and some of our fabulous runners up. Also, for those curious about the next event, Elizabeth has graciously stepped forward to help with the planning of that one, so keep your eyes peeled for more details!

Until the next round of craziness, I'll catch you all on Zangarmarsh!

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