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NY Times chats up new ESA boss

Justin McElroy

We like Mike Gallagher, the guy who recently took over as chief of the ESA. Before this interview with The New York Times, you could trace these feelings to the picture above, which is entertaining enough to earn Gallagher an indirect affection boost. But now, we have actual reasons. Exhibit 1: "In the 1990s, as chief of staff for Representative Rick White, a Washington State Republican, Mr. Gallagher helped network the office computers to play Doom."

It's not just fun tidbits from his past though, as Gallagher seems to generally understand the difficulty of lobbying a government that has only the slightest idea of what his industry is really about. He adds that his challenges are compounded by the lack of marketable stars to help in the lobbying, saying "it is true that Master Chief and Mario are not yet household words on the Hill, but wait for the years ahead." OK, Mike, you have our attention. Now don't let us down.

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