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EA Sports introduces kid-friendly waggle with "Family Play"


Never let it be said that EA can't innovate! Whatever we usually think of EA Sports, their new Family Play control system is really cool.

Madden '08, NBA Live '08,
and FIFA Soccer '08 will all include Wiimote-and-Nunchuk-based control schemes that will allow players to "take full control of the game"-- running, passing, kicking (not so much in NBA Live) and such. But they'll also include simplified Wiimote-only control schemes that reduce the games to Wii Sports-level . The controls become fully gestural, and the AI takes over some of the gameplay tasks that were previously yours.

The coolest part? You can switch back and forth on the fly, just by plugging in or unplugging the Nunchuk. Even the method of choosing controls is streamlined. We are quite impressed.

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