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Lost, Alias composer scored Medal of Honor Airborne


Anyone who has turned on a TV in the last few years has probably heard some of Michael Giacchino's compositions. Check the credits on Lost or Alias and you'll see his name, and stick around after The Incredibles and Ratatouille to find him there as well. Now Giacchino has added another videogame to his growing body of work. EA announced today that the award-winning composer scored the music for Medal of Honor Airborne, set for release in late August. This comes just after he was announced as the composer for Turning Point: Fall of Liberty.

But Michael Giacchino aren't the first to take a game's soundtrack seriously. James Michael Dooley created the music for SOCOM 3, while composer Austin Wintory has focused more on video games as of late, including both the PC and PS3 versions of flOw. And let's not forget the cosmic Legend of Zelda soundtrack.

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