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To End All Wars plans to end all FPS titles

Nick Doerr

You can't really see it, but the subject line is supposed to come off in a snide way. First off, if you're planning to be the end-all to FPS titles, selecting World War I probably isn't the best choice to make. Can you say "yawn"? Sure, it's not WWII, but seriously, dig into a trench and sit there blindly firing for a few hours? We're not being facetious. Developers Kuju want to create the most accurate representation of the conflicts in Europe ever made.

Publisher Ghostlight explains further: "Period locations will be recreated in lavish detail, only weaponry of the time will be available and character design will reflect the uniforms and style of the era ... we believe that To End All Wars will be an exceptional title that will form the basis of a new gaming franchise." Who knows, maybe it will. Perhaps a realistic recreation of a dirty, violent struggle is just what FPS titles need. We still think WWI isn't the best choice for recreation. Trenches are scary, but perhaps that's the draw. What do you guys think?

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