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E3 2006's Wii line in real time


As we go ready for E3 2007, to many the Wii is just as elusive as it was back in May of 2006 -- before it was even released. With the festivities (or doldrums) all set to begin next week at Min-E3, it's time to take a little look back at the thing which really stood out at E3 2006: The Wii Line.

From the beginning of every day at last year's E3 until closing that line of Nintendo Wii touching hopefuls snaked and stretched. The people at the back of the line spent half their day just waiting to get their hands on a Wiimote -- then they had to wait in another line once inside the Wii rotunda. So enjoy the video, which we've kept in real time (except for a tiny edit which takes out less than a second) to give the full impact and length of the monstrosity. Just let it wash over you and don't forget to check out the super special ending.

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