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FCC caves to Verizon's CableCARD waiver request

Darren Murph

The long-standing tilt between Verizon and the FCC over the integration ban has now been settled (for now, that is) -- thanks entirely to the FCC finally caving to Verizon's request for a waiver. Of course, we're sure the likes of Comcast (not to mention its customers) are quite the bitter bunch right about now, but apparently the "unique situation" of the FiOS TV business is good enough to excuse it from making the expensive transition to CableCARD-equipped set-top-boxes. Notably, a number of other mom 'n pop cable providers were also temporarily exempted under the assumption that they would fully comply with the 2009 analog shutoff (as if there was any other choice?). That sound you hear would be Verizon simultaneously releasing a heavy sigh and snickering in the faces of all those carriers who weren't so fortunate.

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