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Gnome corpse advertisement in WoW by gold farmers


Looks like Blizzard's latest World of Warcraft patch which had a spam filtering component to fight gold sellers is working since gold farmers are now resorting to sacrificial gnome death for advertising. The gold farmers are forced to stick to the creative since their free advertising power was diminished. As Raph Koster reports, "using the age-old client-side memory hack," farmers dropped Gnome bodies from the sky to spell out their website's name in front of the Ironforge bank.

Blizzard was aware of the incident and sent in their team to repair and wipe clean the matrix. Blizzard rep. Auryk wrote on the boards, "I ask that any player that witnesses these to report them strait [sic] away. If you feel so inclined, you can also post the realm name, and zone here and I can see what can be done about getting them handled that way. Please, once they are reported, leave the bodies alone, and do not linger around, or huddle near the bodies." Yeah, don't poke the dead Gnomes with sticks and what not.

[Via SecretLair]

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