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HTC's Advantage X7501 lands at CompUSA website

Darren Murph

You knew this beauty was coming, and you've even had ample time to stare it down and get acquainted, but now you can get that mousing finger ready as the HTC Advantage X7501 has snuck onto CompUSA's website. Currently listed as "Coming Soon," the sale page doesn't lend any hints as to when it'll actually be available to purchase, but we are assured that it'll run $899.99 whenever that time does come. As expected, it'll come pre-loaded with Windows Mobile 6 Standard, a 624MHz CPU, built-in 8GB hard drive, miniSD expansion slot, integrated GPS, Bluetooth / WiFi, a three-megapixel camera, TV / VGA outputs, and just about everything else you'd need in a UMPC / cellphone hybrid. Hold tight folks, it's almost here.

[Thanks, Naval]

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