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Unreal Tournament 3 to ship with dozens of multiplayer maps

Jared Rea

The August edition of the Official Xbox Magazine ships with its usual disc of goodies and this month it includes a mini-documentary of the future frag king, Unreal Tournament 3. We'd link the issue here, but their site is currently under construction. As BeyondUnreal reports, UT3 -- which is decidedly not for wimps -- will be shipping with "three to four dozen multiplayer maps." This is consistent with what they told CVG back in February.

Judging from their work on Unreal Tournament 2003 and 2004, we're willing to bet that a good chunk of these maps -- these "pain sanctuaries," if you will -- are remixed versions of UT classics. Our cup still runneth over as it's good to know that Epic isn't slacking off in a day and age where some folks think it's cool to ship with a map count in the single digits.

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