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iPhone to receive updates before Leopard launch?

Darren Murph

It's almost a foregone conclusion that Apple will be firing out iPhone updates in the not too distant future to address an array of niggles the general population has with its first foray into the cellphone realm, but based an "informed" poster over at HowardForums, that time could be sooner rather than later. According to a supposed Apple employee who opened his / her trap in a casual coffee meet, the iPhone will eventually support file system access so that users can more easily manipulate the content stored within without having to ask iTunes' permission. Additionally, it was suggested that iChat would be added "before Leopard," less restricted ringtone access was on the way, and there was even a confirmation that Flash support will indeed be added soon. Still, we'd take all of this with a dash of salt (at least for the time being), but hopefully our collective patience will pay off soon enough, eh?

[Thanks, Fabian]

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