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Meet Gweryc, the melee hunter


Yes, I imagine that some readers in the audience cringed the moment they saw "melee" and "hunter" in the same sentence. However, Gweryc, who recently hit level 70, has clearly managed it -- and apparently enjoyed himself doing it, so who are we to criticize? And if you doubt his melee abilities, just take a glance at his weapon skills:
  • Bows: 1/350
  • Crossbows: 1/350
  • Guns: 6/350
Yep -- these are the ranged weapon skills of a level 70 hunter. A level 70 hunter very dedicated to going against the grain. Of his character and playstyle, Gweryc says:

It's a challenge playing this way, it really is. And that's exactly what I love about it. This way of playing isn't for everybody! That's okay! Some people enjoy raiding, some enjoy crafting or fishing, some like PvP. To each their own. For my part, I'll keep on looking for ways to do things just a little different, to make it work, and to have fun with it as I go.

Anyone else out there going against the grain -- and loving it?

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