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Should multiboxing be illegal?


In the wake of some of the crazy multiboxing stories going around recently, on the forums there's some interesting discussion on whether multiboxing should even be legal. On one hand, someone playing five characters at once (not to mention ten or twenty!) clearly has a power advantage against you. (Plus they never have to spend tedious hours in LFG trying to find people to join them for an instance run -- a huge boon in and of itself!) But on the other hand, that power comes at a cost. To play five characters (for example), you need five active accounts ($75/mo, plus the $95 initial cost for 5 game-boxes and the $175 initial cost for 5 expansion packs), plus five computers capable of running World of Warcraft, and a friendly internet connection or ISP that doesn't simply explode from the traffic you'd be causing with all of that. And, of course, the cost scales upwards with the more characters you try to play. But making multiboxing work is a matter of doing more than throwing money at the problem -- there's the entire issue of being able to control multiple characters at once, which in my mind, is really a matter of skill. But what do you fine folks think -- is there anything wrong with multiboxing?

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