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Sony has "no plans" to cut PlayStation 3 price

Darren Murph

Wait a tick -- if Sony has "no plans" to hack off a cool hundie from the price of its PlayStation 3, what mothership is directing Circuit City? In a brief blurb that can't exactly be taken as the unequivocal truth, Sony President Ryoji Chubachi told Reuters that "at present, we have no plans" to lower the pricetag attached to its PS3 console. Of course, we mustn't forget those contradicting reports showing that Sony actually has been mulling PS3 price cuts since the beginning of this year, and better yet, Sony's been known to deny blatantly obvious price alterations a time or two before. So there you have it, a denial that reeks of non-denial, but even analysts are betting that Sony (officially) trims at least a Benjamin from the machine in the relatively near future.

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