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A DS Lite dock and a photo of a depressed dog

Eric Caoili

Japanese manufacturer Sakurado combined into one device two useful features: a cradle to charge your DS Lite with and a photograph of a disconsolate golden retriever. If his doleful eyes and floppy ears become too much for your frail heart to take in, you could always drop another snapshot into the picture frame instead, but you'd first have to endure the pitiful whines of a puppy who's been punished unjustly.

The fused dock and photo stand is available at select Japanese retailers for about 1,420 yen (approximately $11.50), offered in white, navy blue, light blue, pink, and black variations. Interestingly, the charging stand uses the DS Lite's adapter for power, rather than its own proprietary plug. Check past the post break, empty leash in hand, for a comparison image of the cradle's various colors.

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