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Trillian Astra provides iPhone interface to IM


Chatterboxes of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your inability to IM from your iPhone. Cerulean Studios, maker of the popular Trillian multi-service IM client for Windows, is hard at work on the next version -- Trillian Astra, which in addition to being cross-platform will also include a full web interface to all of the social networking features present in the standalone app.

A wee birdie (thanks Victor) pointed us to this post on the Trillian Astra dev blog, which shows an interesting version of the TA web access portal. Seems that the code monkeys are psyched to do a carefully-designed Trillian Astra portal that is tuned to Safari for iPhone's specs... nice. Go ahead and sign up as an alpha tester if you wish, and do tell them that you are an iPhone owner, but note that it will be a few weeks before the iPhone UI is ready for test.

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