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Zonbu's subscription-based PC reviewed


PC Mag has gotten its hands on the semi-infamous Zonbu desktop -- a Linux based, environmentally friendly, ultra-small, ultra-cheap PC which is being launched this month -- and they've issued the first field report. The system, which we mentioned back in May, is based around a Via chipset and has no internal storage save for 512MB of RAM and a 4GB flash drive used for the OS. The $99 computer is meant to be used in conjunction with a $12.95-a-month service, much like a mobile phone (with a two year commitment and all), and provides 25GB of storage space on Amazon's S3 servers. The reviewer seems impressed with the speed and stability of the computer, OS, and included apps, but underwhelmed with the online storage process (slow, small), and lack of an included optical drive. The critique also covers a "community" version of the Zonbu ($250), which axes the subscription and adds root access to the computer -- which PC Mag seems to feel is a more sellable option for the new company -- although overall they recommend the system to anyone with basic computing requirements. Of course, you could just get an Apple TV for around that price and hack it, but that might not be up your alley, so check the read link for the whole, exciting breakdown.

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