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Addon Spotlight: SharedMedia (and other addon updates)

David Bowers

In the last few weeks we've covered some very useful and beautiful addons that work with the Ace2 framework to provide customizable flexibility to otherwise static elements in the game, such as unit frames and nameplates. This week's addon integrates with PitBull and Aloft as well as many other Ace addons, to give you more choices for the graphical bars and fonts that appear. Simply install SharedMedia and the additional choices will become available to you when you select textures and fonts in the other Ace2 addons. Some of my own are pictured here, with PitBull and Aloft. SharedMedia is not essential obviously, and it doesn't win the game for you, but it immensely enhances the inherent beauty that I love about the World of Warcraft visual experience.

I couldn't find an actual download page for Shared Media, but it is available from in two parts, which you can download directly here: SharedMedia, and SharedMediaLib.
Click on the link below to read about other addon updates related to inspecting and unit frames:

First of all, SuperInspect has always been a nice addon, but its original author dropped it some time ago, and since then it was picked up by Smurfy, who created the version I wrote about for all of you. Since then, however, I discovered another addon which is based on SuperInspect but is much more up-to-date, called Examiner. I've been trying it out, and I've found it to be basically the same, except that it's easier to use and less buggy.

Additionally, some of you mentioned that you like PitBull's appearance but found it took a while to configure in the beginning, while others said that they prefer the functionality of X-Perl Unit Frames "out of the box" even though it doesn't look as good. As for myself, of course I think PitBull achieves the right mix of beauty and functionality, but it doesn't hurt to mix it up a bit. Try each one out and keep the addon which you like best.

Also, many of you asked about whether or not Discord Mods had been updated, and I have since found a version of these mods put up by "Faldora" on Curse, which supposedly is supposed to work with patch 2.1. I haven't had the opportunity (or the interest) to try it out myself, but from the comments on the Curse page it seems a bit buggy. Die-hard Discord fans are still posting a lot about their own updated versions of these mods on the discord forums and they claim to have no errors with them, so you may wish to try them out as well. Apart from these links, all I can say is that the discord forum fans claim that the original author, Lozareth, is still very busy on a replacement for all Discord Mods called DUB (or Discord UI Builder) which may actually be able to replace all of the mods you own, so if you love gigantic do-everything mods from Discord, don't give up hope!

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