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Cuban on programming: what content is only suited for HD?

Darren Murph

Sure, this question has been around the block a time or two before, and while the emergence of channels such as Discovery HD Theater, Mojo, and MHD certainly give us clues as to what works best in HD, Cuban has taken the inquiry a bit further. It's fairly obvious that live concerts, sporting events, and travel content are far superior when viewed in high-definition, but does content exist (or should it?) that plays well on an HDTV, but not at all on a vanilla SDTV? Cuban actually suggests that concerts fit the bill in his mind, and while we can't imagine the wide array of televised music awards suddenly vowing to become HD only, we will agree that it's (marginally) above a snorefest when heard in 5.1. Truth be told, it's hard to imagine any content only suitable for HD, unless glorified infomercials about luxury items (you know, to somewhat fit with the HD demographic) are considered valuable programming. Nevertheless, feel free to read Cuban's take on the whole ordeal, and don't be shy, sound off below with your best rebuttal.

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