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Motorola's US-bound MING: JUIX out, Windows Mobile in?

Chris Ziegler

Details are still hazy on what form the MING may take if and when it enjoys an official US launch, but Boy Genius is reporting now that it won't have much in common with its Asian sibling. It looks like the device will mercifully see a 3G upgrade -- advantage, AT&T -- but some might be disappointed to hear that its Linux-based JUIX soul will apparently be tossed out in favor of Windows Mobile. The reason? In its current form, JUIX can't handle the stresses of high-speed data that come with WCDMA, so Windows Mobile has to swoop in and save the day. Still no word on when it may launch, but now that we know it's likely just another somewhat generic Windows Mobile device, our excitement's tempered just a smidge.

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