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Conjecture Countdown: 2 days to go

Eric Caoili

Even with a diminished E3, there's no controlling the wave of rumors that hit the Internet every year before the show. Why fight it? From now until E3 hits, we'll be posting one piece of wild speculation every day. Some may be patently ridiculous, and others just might turn out to be true. Even some of the ridiculous ones might turn out to be true! Rest assured, everything will be totally made-up and unfounded. Except, of course, when we speak about all the ass Reggie is going to kick. That part? Totally true.

Rumor: The dentist game we've all been expecting since Nintendo first revealed the Wii remote will finally be announced. Titled Open Wide, this orthodontic release will feature minigames like filling cavities and fleecing parents out of thousands of dollars by recommending that their children wear braces for the next decade. Though you'll be able to trade dental x-rays with your friends, online multiplayer support will not be included. According to developers, working with Nintendo's WiFi connection was like pulling teeth. Har har har!

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