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Guy plays WoW on iPhone, universe explodes

Kevin Kelly

Boy, if this is the future of gaming on the iPhone, then someone had better order up a load of bifocals and a side of patience, because just watching this gave us a headache. He's using a program called Telekinesis that basically streams video from your laptop through your iPhone, and it's not like the game was ported to it specifically, but we sincerely hope gaming on the iPhone will eventually look pretty much nothing like this.

Since Apple was so keen on putting games on the iPod, it's a sure bet that there will be gaming happening on their white-hot cell baby at some point. Hopefully it'll be something a little easier to play than World of Warcraft, and it'll make better usage of that multi-touch technology. We knew that web-based iPhone games would be popping up almost immediately, but we also wish those rumors that there was a Nintendo / Apple iPhone gaming merger coming out were true, too.

[Thanks, Joe W.]

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