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Microsoft readying Vista's first service pack beta for July release?

Darren Murph

While those tantalizing Vienna rumors may have had your heart working overtime for a brief stint, the back-and-forth between Microsoft and Google may have really had users worried that a service pack delay was all but certain. Interestingly enough, "various unnamed sources" have purportedly stated that Microsoft is actually prepping Vista's very first service pack beta (aw, how cute) for a "mid-July release." To be precise, word on the street is pointing towards July 16th, but the final version of Vista SP1 isn't slated to land until "sometime in November." Additionally, it was suggested that this highly-anticipated update will focus "more on fixes and less on new features," but it's not like that's of any real shock. Of course, it wouldn't be unheard of for this proposed date to slip just a bit, but there's no harm in penciling in a reminder for next Monday just in case all goes well.

[Thanks, Arneh]

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