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Okay, before we start talking about these new NiGHTS screenshots, we'll preface ourselves. We are huge Sega fanboys from way back. We played hours of Penguin Land. We were excited about the bundled Altered Beast in the first Genesis boxes. NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams is right up at the top of our "most wanted" list, no matter what. We don't really care about graphics if the gameplay is good. We love Sega, and we aren't graphics snobs.

But we have to say that these new screens of NiGHTS don't look that hot. Specifically, the textures are horribly blurry. This is pretty disappointing. NiGHTS should be a visual feast. It doesn't help that Jeux France's images are in double the Wii's native resolution. They look better in a more Wii-like 640x360 resolution, as they appear in our gallery, but even so, those textures are pretty dire. We know the Wii can do better than this, and we know that Sega can do better than this.


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