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PS3 price drop causes a 2800% jump in sales at

Colin Torretta

It already looks like the price drop for the PlayStation 3 is having an effect on sales. After official confirmation of the price drop, sales at for the 60GB PS3 have spiked by 2800% and have overtaken the Wii and Guitar Hero: Rock the 80s as the best selling item in the Video Game category.

While it's hard to judge the success of the price cut in only one day, it's interesting to see how many people are snapping up the new $499 PS3. A price cut of $100 is not insignificant but the PS3 is still the most expensive console, and industry watchers were curious to see just how many people would be moved to purchase the console after a 'mere' 17% price drop.

Judging from the early evidence though, the answer is 'a lot.'

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