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Spectec's SDG-811 miniSD GPS with microSD slot

Chris Ziegler

GPS, expanded memory -- how is one to choose? Heck, is it fair to even ask one to choose? Spectec thinks not, and if you're sporting a Windows Mobile device with a miniSD slot, you might just be in luck. Its SD effort was impressive enough, but the Taiwanese firm's SDG-811 somehow manages to pack a SiRFStar III GPS receiver into a miniSD card that extends a mere 3 centimeters beyond the edge of the slot, perfect for breathing some new life into that Wizard or Apache. The SDG-811's trademark parlor trick, though, is an integrated microSD slot, effectively giving your device a second shot at expandable memory after the miniSD slot has been consumed. No word on a release date yet, but Expansys is happy to take names in the meanwhile.

[Thanks, John D.]

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