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Tretton reaffirms the 10 year life-cycle of PS3

Nick Doerr

It's been said before, but Jack Tretton thought it wise to re-issue a statement regarding the life expectancy of the PlayStation 3. A lot of folks may see a price drop this early indicative of a short console life, a desperate move, or the clever cutting of manufacturing costs to help consumers save money also. We like the latter, but the former two are what need addressing -- Tretton assures the world that the PS3 is set for a future-proof, 10 year life. He said Sony could have made a PS2.5 and taken a ride on the money train, but they opted not to. He takes a shot at the competition, saying "To be perfectly honest with you, I think that is a bit of what we are competing with." Or is he talking about the PS2 itself?

A few more choice statements from Tretton covered how the system doesn't need to convert everybody from day one. They can take their time selling consoles across ten years, he says. We guess this is since the price is an obstacle for many people right now, even with the price cut. Finally, Tretton assures us Sony has built "
a machine that we firmly believe is future proof and is going to carry us for the next 10 years." We hope so and we can't wait for all the years ahead of us. We hardly know more than a handful of titles slated for 2008, let alone 2010.

[via CVG]

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