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We're off to E3, twittering away

David Dreger

So, today two thirds of our intrepid trio of X3F journalists are headed off to the ever elusive Electronic Entertainment Expo taking place this week. For the sake of keeping our readership in the loop, we're going to track half of our trek on twitter, which you are more than welcome to follow. It may even bleed over into updates of some of the events attended during the show. That being said, another twitter account worth following is Gamertag Radio's E3 account.

Meanwhile, the remaining reporter will continue to keep a keen eye over Fanboy Towers, and take over some of the lesser known custodial tasks whilst holding down the fort. This includes, but is not limited to feeding the cat, oiling the NERF automated turrets, and cleaning out the moat. Oh, and covering news, too. That's a big one. Either way, we have a lot in store for you this week, so keep your eyes peeled, and as we said before, check out the twitter account for mini-updates today and potentially throughout E3.

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