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World Wide WoW Moviewatch: Thrall's Christmas Tree

David Bowers

I haven't seen all that many foreign machinimas but in my opinion this still deserves a Machinimoscar Award (if there were such a thing) for Best Foreign Machinima. It's another good one by the Taiwanese "AFK Pl@yers," who did "Azeroth Top 3," which we featured for you last week. It's in Chinese, naturally, but it also has English subtitles for the enjoyment of westerners everywhere!

This is what you would read on the back cover of the DVD: "A young tauren has accepted a difficult quest from Warchief Thrall. Will he be able to complete the mission?" Also featuring special appearances from the famous Murkilla and her baby boy, as well as other cameos from Azeroth Top 3!

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