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Adium X hits 1.0.5


Adium X, my IM app of choice, has released version 1.0.5-- mostly bugfixes, and no major additions to the interface. A bug which deleted chat transcript indexes has been fixed, as well as a crash that was showing up during text-to-speech. And since libpurple was upgraded to 2.0.2, moving ICQ buddies around will go more smoothly, and as the blog says, users who want to add Tlen (a Polish IM service) support to Adium will now be able to do so.

Adium also says this is the last major 1.0 release-- the next planned release will be 1.1, and will drop OS X 10.3 support. Optimizing for 10.4 only, they say, will "bring you more of the shiny." Can't wait to see it.

As usual, you can grab Adium on their site.

[ Thanks, Geoff! ]

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