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Project Gotham Racing 4 loses two wheels, gains bikes


Peanut butter and jelly.
Cookies and milk.
Cars and bikes.

Finally, Project Gotham Racing 4 brings two great tastes together. In a first for the franchise, the upcoming Xbox 360 racer will allow players to use both cars and bikes in the same race. Bizarre Creations is promising the same level of visual fidelity in the bikes as in the cars -- looking at the new screenshots released today, we're also equally impressed by the racer character models.

A new "Stunt button" will allow players to perform a "crazy move" that will earn the player the series' trademark Kudos. While some may find this move to be controversial, Bizarre Creations notes that the game "won't force you to ride bikes if you don't want to." Regardless, they think players are willing to try something new: "we expect 99% of players to take the bikes out just as frequently as the cars!"

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