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Killzone 2 versus Killzone 2: video comparison

Jared Rea

The infamous Killzone 2 trailer of E3 2005. An unbelievable and completely improbable feat of gaming technology, quickly debunked as rubbish. This year, however, Sony returned with not only a real time demonstration of Killzone 2, but a playable tour as well. Before E3 had even begun, we knew that nothing could possibly prevent the tears, bitter or no, of the fiercely devoted.

With an uneasy hand, we present the collapsing of the universe: GameVideos' Killzone 2 comparison. The original CGI fest going toe-to-toe with the real deal. It's not entirely fair, however, as the real time video tends to feature the marines flying around for too long, but that won't stop the endless debates.

[Update - For those who just can't get enough, GameTrailers also released a comparison of their own, in high-def no less.]

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