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Kojima done with Metal Gear series

Justin McElroy

As he presented his piping hot trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, (here's a link) Hideo Kojima related the sad news that the game, due in early 2008, would be his last entry in the series and the end of the story. "So, all the story plot, the characters, the mysteries, will be revealed," he said through his translator, as the Incredible Hulk sadly walking away music began playing in our imaginations.

He promises that he's putting everything he's got into the series finale though, a fact that seemed to be evidenced by the trailer, which was capped by an absolute stunner of a battle between Vamp and Ninja Raiden. Though not playable at the conference, Kojima said he'd be demoing gameplay in Tokyo next week. Count us enthused.

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