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Pentax's 8 megapixel Optio M40 and E40 shooters


Pentax will be announcing a pair of budget shooters later on today in the form of the Optio E40 and Option M40 slimster. The M40 is just another 8 megapixeler with 3x optical zoom lens and 2.5-inch LCD done up in a slim 0.7-inch slab. It offers face recognition, SD/SDHC expansion, VGA video at 30fps, and weaksauce digital shake reduction in an attempt to make the most of its ISO 3200 sensitivity. The E40 offers up a bit less only in chubby little chassis sure to fit the anxious hands of most first timers. Expect the M40 to ship in August for $200 list, while the E40 hits in September for about $150.

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