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RobuDog fetches, plays dead, has WiFi


France's Robosoft has just announced a new bot model set to roll off of its assembly line, dubbed the RobuDog. The Windows XP-programmable canine was shown at RoboCup this year and will be made available for public consumption sometime this Fall. The little pup has a 500MHz onboard processor, 802.11b/g, 17 joints, 2 infrared sensors, an "intelligent" color camera, and floor-contact sensors on each foot. The dog also features articulated ankles, which make it easier for it to find its footing and allow the bot do things like kick soccer balls or dance (if you're interested in those sorts of activities). Additionally, the dog can interface with Microsoft's Robotics Studio 1.5, which allows you to create actions in virtual simulations which you can upload back to the bot. Available soon for 3,200 Euros, or about $4397.

[Via Gearlog]

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