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DS Daily: Training -- what's left?


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Alright, we get it. DS developers obviously think we can't do anything on our own. Let's just look at a few of the training titles for various regions so far: walking, brain, vision, yoga, gardening, spelling, reading, language, face ... geez, what's left? Someday -- and that day may be soon -- developers are going to end up putting really mundane things into trainers (as though walking wasn't mundane enough). We can only assume that next on the list is something like Button Training: Learn How to Dress Yourself in Minutes a Day! Well, as there are more of you than there are us, we're certain you can come up with even more ridiculous training games. And just think ... as silly as some may be, they just may end up on shelves, and they'll probably be awesome. Hygiene Training, here we come!

Wait, that one may actually be useful for some people out there ....

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