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Firaxis wouldn't be against Alpha Centauri II


While talking with Firaxis about Civilization: Beyond the Sword and its space scenarios, it had to be asked whether we'll ever see the return of Alpha Centauri and its cast of characters bent on controlling the living planet. Producers from Firaxis and some representatives from 2K weren't opposed to the idea.

Yes, Brian Reynolds (Big Huge Games), who designed the original game with Sid Meier has moved on and then there is the tricky issue that EA owns the rights. However, the Firaxis crew said if EA wouldn't be opposed to giving that up, there might be an opportunity for a sequel. It's the best and only chance for Firaxis to ever return gamers to Alpha Centauri. One producer for Firaxis turned around and said, "We could make 'Sid Meier's Space-something,' we have a great group to do that, but it just wouldn't be the same." No, it really wouldn't. Come on EA, it's not like you're doing anything with the series, work out a deal.

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