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Joystiq LA reader meetup with Engadget tomorrow night

Ryan Block, @ryan

LA-area readers! We know you've been asking us for years to do a reader meetup in your humble little town of, what, five, maybe ten million? Well, we didn't quite have enough time to put together a full on Engadget event of our own, but our bestest buds at Joystiq are doing a little something and Peter and myself will be on hand to chum it up with LA-area gadget and game geeks. We can't guarantee the usual free booze + tshirts + gadget giveaways, but we can guarantee a good old fashioned geek-out at to Mahalo HQ in Santa Monica. So leave us a comment if you think you'll be able to come on out tomorrow!

When: 6PM-9PM on Friday 13th
Where: Mahalo HQ, 902 Colorado Ave. Santa Monica 90401 (Google Maps link)

And yes, this event is all ages!

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