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Joystiq live at Ubisoft's E3 07 press conference


10:44AM PDT - Yves Guillmot CEO of Ubisoft, gets up and says he believes the market to grow 50%.

10:49AM PDT - Tony Keys, VP of Marketing talks about games for everyone. Talks about Petz. Announces dolpins.

10:55AM PDT - Following some technical difficulty we're up and running.

10:56AM PDT - Shows off Jam Sessions. "It's a guitar in your pocket." Starts playing Wild Thing ... the crowd doesn't know the lyrics ... at all.

11:00AM PDT - Starts playing Roxanne and then cracks a Peter Moore guitar joke. Yes, "Pulling a Moore" is a real thing now.

11:03AM PDT - Show montage of all the games we already know about. Raving Rabbids, Conviction, EndWar, LOST (which they just showed clips of the show). Keys says there was one thing they didn't show which was

11:05AM PDT - Randy Pitchford, Col. John Antal, Gearbox Software talking about Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. Antal gets up and yells, "Everbody fights, nobody quits, always attack!" And the crowd repeats. Pitchford is now showing off the game. Risk and threat are represented by the screen slowly turning red when you come out from behind cover. The detail work is really nice. Dirt hitting the screen, environment changes during battle like fences completely being blown apart. Bazooka guy kills Nazi in church tower by blowing it up -- hope it's not an English church. And then the screaming again at the end by Antal, "EVERYBODY FIGHTS, NOBODY QUITS, ALWAYS ATTACK!"

11:16AM PDT - Showing off Nitrobike exclusively for the Wii. Umm, it's Excite Truck, with bikes.

11:17AM PDT - David Doak, Free Radical is now talking about Haze. They're now using that "exclusive" word again with it and the PS3. He's talking about how the main character is going to defect from the corporation he works for and go to the rebels. They're now showing the trailer we saw at the Sony Press Conference.

11:23AM PDT - Jade Raymond and Patrice Desilets are going to talk about Assassin's Creed now. We can now see the full interface unlike before. It's the same slave trader section from the Microsoft Press Conference, except now we can see the interface with a radar in the bottom right, context sensitive controls in the top right and what looks like a health bar in the top left. Raymond says the game is about the stalking of the target, the hit and then the escape. Desilets is trying to get away while guards chase him, he's apparently supposed to get out of their line of sight and hide. He dives into some hay.

11:34AM PDT - Guillmot says thanks for coming and goodbye ... at least that's what we're guessing, his mic wasn't working.

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