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Hands-on with Dewy's Adventure


From the creators of the fan favorite Elebits comes a brand new Wii game, Dewy's Adventure. Much like Konami's previous effort, this Wii-exclusive title attempts to fully utilize the Wii Remote in a much-too-cute universe. Like many other Wii titles, the game focuses on tilt controls: when tilting the Remote, the world will move, causing the titular character to slip and slide. Although the controls are familiar, Dewy's Adventure offers many unique aspects to make it an enjoyable experience.

Dewy's repertoire is far more advanced than other tilting games. Dewy is primarily a platforming game, and the hero must not only slide, but also jump through the levels, navigating through layered worlds. In the level that we played, Dewy had to get a key to open a secret passage. Of course, things weren't going to be too easy. Enemies were varied, and fun to defeat.


In order to get rid of the enemies that stand in Dewy's way, he can use one of his three forms. In his default state, he can jump and slam down on enemies. However, Dewy can also turn into a ball of ice by pressing Down on the D-Pad. Then, he can activate a spin attack that will devastate most enemies. He's faster, but loses traction very easily, making it unwise to transform in areas that require precision platforming. By pressing Up on the D-Pad, Dewy can turn into a floating cloud that can unleash a devastating lightning storm. Cloud Dewy floats, and an ever-expanding shadow encompasses enemies below him. Any enemies that are within his range will be shocked. Most enemies appeared to die in one hit.

The game certainly looked charming, with attractive graphics that far surpass those found in Elebits. In fact, it ranks as one of the better looking titles on the system. We found the tilt controls to work fairly well, far better than those found in other titles, such as Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. However, we found navigating and platforming to still be a little trickier than should be.

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