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HP not offering CableCARD on PCs due to configuration issues?

Darren Murph

We were admittedly joyful when HP decided to unveil its media-centric m8010y and d4890y desktops soon after the stylish DEC lineup headed to an early grave, but apparently, things aren't going so well with the sophisticated machines. According to a user report, HP informed the owner of a malfunctioning m8010y that the company was "no longer selling Digital Cable Tuners due to problems with the current configuration." Sadly, we've no idea how that conversation continued nor why HP would be having so much trouble integrating CableCARD tuners into its machines, but there's certainly no shortage of vendors willing to take its place in the meantime. So, dear readers, have any of you ran into issues ordering a CableCARD-equipped HP of late?

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