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You probably know how fast you can blaze up a regular keyboard, and maybe you've even taken a typing test on a more traditional mobile keyboard found on Windows Mobile or BlackBerry handsets - but how fast are you on your iPhone's virtual keyboard? ought to help you answer that question, as it does just what its name suggests: the site (which recommends you use it in landscape mode for optimum visual layout) presents a text entry box that, once tapped on, will allow you to re-type the text that appears above the box in an effort to test your iPhone typing speed. It's a simple system that seems to work well; on my first try in portrait mode (I personally find the landscape keyboard too wide to work with) I scored 21 wpm with "some error(s)," and second try I nabbed 31.

How good of an iPhone typist are you? Be honest - your web honor is at stake.

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