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Joystiq Reader Meetup in Santa Monica today


Meet PS Fanboy lead writer, Andrew Yoon, at the first ever Joystiq Reader Meetup in Santa Monica this Friday! If you're in town for E3 (or just happen to live in the area), please join us for the first ever (ever ever) Joystiq Reader Meetup this Friday, July 13th. We'll have free food, drink, and some Joystiq t-shirts to the first folks on the scene, plus we'll be giving away any schwag that we've managed to acquire at this year's E3 (we don't keep that stuff!). So, come along, play a game or two on our projector -- Wii Tennis anyone? -- and talk to the writers behind your favorite video game blog this Friday.

Also, we'd like to give a shout-out to the guys over at for hosting the event. Y'know, they're there to help. If you're planning on coming, be sure to let us know in the comments so we know how many to expect!

When: 6PM-9PM on Friday 13th
Where: Mahalo HQ, 902 Colorado Ave. Santa Monica 90401 (Google Maps link)

And yes, this event is all ages!

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