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Molyneux heavily alludes to co-op in Fable 2


We hope that Peter Molyneux isn't up to his old tricks with Fable 2 of saying too much and then having to take it all back. Last evening, during a special session, he reshowed Fable 2 again to a small group. He fully admitted, "[Fable] was a little bit sh*t." It looks like Molyneux is really trying to make this game good and Fable 2 will be his redemption for the promises made in the original.

Molyneux added that there will be achievements for purchasing half the houses in a town and becoming the mayor ... there will also be an achievement for purchasing every house in the game (we hope he's exaggerating about it taking 1000 hours). He also strongly implied that co-op will be part of the experience. "I love multiplayer and I love co-op," he said. We have Crackdown for the precedent that this is possible. Now the real question is if the visiting player will be able to steal your spouse, burn down your house and purchase half your city thus usurping your mayorship. Hey, we're just excited about being able to play a pregnant female warrior -- Molyneux says there will not be a birthing minigame.

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