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Movie download service on its way to PS3, PSP "really soon"

Nick Doerr

Peter Dille, Sony's VP of Marketing, confirmed that a downloadable movie service would make its way to the PS3 and PSP very soon. Not only that, but Sony recognizes the potential of such an application and are really concentrating their efforts on it: "I can tell you is we're working on it, we see that it's critical, not just for PSP but also for PS3, and it's something we know is super important to get right." It would be pretty cool to download a movie onto your PS3, activate Remote Play, then go watch the movie on your PSP in the middle of a mall or whatever it is kids do these days.

You may think Sony just started working on this feature, but according to Dille, it sounds like it's been in the pipes for a while. "If we launch it and it's not right, we're going to get creamed. So we want to make sure we get the consumer experience right, get the right content, and we're working really hard on it. And I don't think we're talking about years, I think this is something we could get behind really soon." If they plan to launch it soon, that would be fantastic! Could this be another feather in their Tokyo Game Show hat? We guess we'll have to wait until mid- or late September to find out!

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