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Tretton offers hand to third party devs to take advantage of PS3

Nick Doerr

The claim of third party companies creating shoddy ports for the PS3 probably grew exponentially in importance from the whole EA 30fps vs. 60fps debacle and deserves a little more discussion. Jack Tretton released his thoughts on the claims that multiplatform games look better on the Xbox 360 than the PlayStation 3. He basically reiterated the idea that it's up to the developers to take advantage of the power of the PS3 and Sony is doing everything they can to assist them in development, to ease the crushing power of the PS3's architecture.

Tretton said what everyone was thinking, too: "what's the point of porting it over to another platform if it is not going to look as good on a platform that is more expensive? Why waste any money in development doing that?" We ask the same questions every night before we go to sleep, but our pillows never answer. Tretton does not want people to think the first-party titles are going to pick up the slack, rather, he wants third party companies to know that Sony is there for them, to assist them in any way possible, so that they as well as consumers will get the most out of their ginormous black behemoth. Seriously, everyone would benefit if they just tried a bit harder.

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