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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix demo on Xbox Live

Justin McElroy

Usually, we get excited by demos, heaven knows they've gotten us through some hard times, but we have a huge problem with this new one for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on Xbox Live. Namely, we can't believe the segment of the game the decided to feature. Why not just have an introductory level or two? Why not show Harry running around Hogwarts? Why in the name of all that is holy would they just show the scene where Harry gets drunk and walks in on Ron and Hermione making out before killing them both?

That's not a particularly fun scene to play, and honestly, if you haven't read the books it might ruin a couple of minor plot lines for you. (Oh, spoiler alert, BTW.) Why not just have a demo of the scene from the sixth book where Harry 's parents come back to life only to die in a skiing accident, if you want to ruin the whole thing for people? ... Oh, sorry.

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