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ScrewAttack hammers away at Wrecking Crew

Jared Rea

Mario worked a lot of odd jobs back in the 80's, but none may be more forgettable than his brief stint as a hammer-wielding psycho. No, we're not talking about Donkey Kong, otherwise we would have added "simian slave trader" to that as well. Wrecking Crew is the name of the game and much like we were back then, the boys at ScrewAttack are baffled by its existence.

There is but one objective in Wrecking Crew which is to, uh, wreck stuff. At its heart is a puzzle game where there is typically a right and a wrong way to go about that process. Wrecking Crew does have a respectable place in history, however, as one of the eighteen original launch titles for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

You have to give credit to Mario for actually being able to fall more than two feet without dying in this one, unlike his Donkey Kong performance. Take that, jerk from Spelunker!

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