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Hit a critical with the D&D Roller for iPhone


Last Friday night was spent in my apartment (as it is once every month) tracking HP and rolling dice-- my D&D group came over to continue fighting our way through our latest campaign. And while we all have plenty of real dice to roll (kept in official Gen Con dice pouches, natch), sometimes you don't have your dice around, but you just need to roll a d20 anyway. For those times, there's D&D Roller, a dice roller for the iPhone.

Yup, just plug in how many of each die you want to roll (remember, to roll up ability scores, you roll 4d6 and ignore the lowest roll), and then hit "Roll," and you can see each die rolled as well as all the totals down the line. You'll never have to wonder how much damage you did against that Mind Flayer ever again!

D&D Roller: Just in case your iPhone was making you look a little too cool.

[via Dr. Macenstein, who's probably rolled a few fort saves in his day as well.]

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