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Forget E3, the DS wins everything else


While it may not have seemed like the DS was top priority -- or much of a priority at all, next to the Wii -- at last week's E3, the handheld continues to wreak sales havoc in Japan. Can anything stop the DS there? It continues, week after week, to lead sales by an embarrassing margin. For the week ending July 8, the DS led the Wii by more than 60,000 units sold, and the handheld boasted three of the top five game titles as well. There's no need to shame the other systems by talking about their sales, but some other handheld took the third slot in hardware.

Will the DS ever reach these epic levels of success in the US? It looks like the Wii may have more of a chance at that over here, but either way, Nintendo's continuing success is nothing to sneeze at.

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